At Neverland Kindergarten, we have crafted a specially designed space tailored to meet each child's needs within an environment brimming with love, safety, and trust. Concurrently, we've developed an educational program that goes beyond imparting knowledge; it assists your child in smoothly integrating into the social fabric, engaging with peers and educators. This program aids the child in developing communication, collaboration, and acceptance skills. Drawing upon our extensive experience and considering the unique needs of each child, our goal is to provide each child with the opportunity to develop all their skills individually. This is achieved through painting, play, music, dance, singing, theatrical play, storytelling, imagination, creativity, mathematics, language, and meaningful dialogue.

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Number of Employees 1-50
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Neverland - Kindergarten
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Mesogis Avenue, 41 , Mesogi , Paphos 8280 , Cyprus

info [ at ] neverlandcy.com
+357 99 111 043
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  • Mon: 07:00-16:00
  • Tue: 07:00-16:00
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  • Fri: 07:00-16:00
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